Idcrex is a global provider of accounting, back-office and software services under a single platform.

In a rapidly changing marketplace, the strength and stability of your back office services provider is more important than ever.

Idcrex is delivering comprehensive and flexible solutions to many sophisticated businesses. We can offer the accurate numbers you need to achieve your business objectives, in any market environment. Idcrex prides itself on being a leader and an innovator. We are continually monitoring industry trends to ensure our services address the real needs of our clients. We continually focus on our offerings, both from a business perspective and from a technology perspective.

Our expertise comprises complete life cycle capabilities, available on a stand-alone basis to various industries and asset managers.

100+ Clients

Founded in 2012, we serve more than 100 clients.

Easy & Secure

All our systems are very easy to use and highly secured with SSL technology

Money back Guarantee

We will pay you back if there are material errors


We work online. Your location does not matter.

Why Idcrex?

We serve our clients in various areas of software and accounting domains. We help businesses transform and thrive in a changing world through strategic consulting and operational leadership including those in accounting, big data and cloud computing. We are providing end-to-end services from initial set up of accounting systems to finalization of accounts.

Our Outsourcing Features:

  • Qualified and dedicated staff options
  • Shifts as per your time zone
  • Cloud bases architecture
  • Maker checker work-flows
  • Quick response to your queries. Maximum of 18 hours

Among Top Outsourcing Service Providers on Market

Our expertise in finance will add value to your business.


15 Years of Experience

We have team members with more than 15 years of experience. We can address any complicated requirements of our clients


Dedicated Back office

We can set up a dedicated office for team working for you for higher security.


24/7 Online Support

Do you do global trading? We can provide you 24/7 support if you require.

Our Services

If you do not want to invest your valuable time and energy on expensive accounting software and resources, Idcrex entrust you with its accounting expertise. We are your online finance department. We will provide you all the accounting and operational services that your business needs.

You can now focus on your portfolio and stop working on the daily operational activities. We will provide you with all numbers that you need for a timely decision. Idcrex provides end to end back office services to clients across the world. We can provide you any operational tasks related to capital markets.

"You should not plan to fail because you failed to plan". Schedule a meeting with Idcrex before you buy a new software. We will assist you in deciding the best solutions for you.

Our Promise

It’s not the customer’s duty to be loyal to us; it’s our duty to be loyal to our customers. We focus on quality, relevancy, and the BEST customer service possible. We make sure our business is creating a service experience so good that it inspires loyalty.