If you do not want to invest your valuable time and energy on expensive accounting software and resources, Idcrex is the right company that you should approach. We will become your online finance department and provide you with all the numbers that your business needs.


We will not only be providing you with just the regular Trial Balances and Financial Statements but also continuously discuss with you to find out about your needs, we ask a lot of questions and take time to listen to your answers. We ask about your past experience, current situation, future plans and also identify your major bookkeeping headaches. We then review your existing books or documents to assess the volume and type of work required, and agree a provisional schedule with the tasks to be completed.

Accounts Receivable

Complete records of accounts receivable. Includes invoice recording, customer receipts recording and allocation, aging analysis, customer payment follow-up and customer reconciliation.

Accounts Payable

Complete records of accounts payable. Includes vendor invoice recording, validation of vendor invoice , employee claim recording and validation, aging analysis and supplier reconciliation.


Cash, bank, assets and investments reconciliation. We reconcile balances regular basis. Reconciliation is a very important function in your accounting.

Cash flow Management

Cash projections as per your business requirements. You can use our standard methodology or we can adopt your style "More businesses fail for lack of cash flow than for want of profit".

General Ledger and Financials

Making sure correct journal entries are made by the accounting system. Internal financial reporting & review, year-end preparation and liaison with external auditors.

Financial Analysis

We can calculate various financial ratios that can help you to analyze your business and the product lines to make appropriate decisions.