You can now focus on your real Portfolio Management! We will provide you with all numbers that you need for a timely decision Idcrex provides end to end back office services to clients across the world. We have expertise in all the activities related to capital markets

Our back office managers know their business. They understand the work and the cyclical nature of the business. They rely on experience and intuition to manage the ebb and flow of transactional work. A dramatic growth and seasonal peaks, however, can wreak havoc on day-to-day back office operations. The inability to forecast and match production volumes to worker skill sets puts the entire work-flow at risk. To compound matters, managers often react to production backlogs in expensive and disruptive ways. Managing volumes of transactions in a consistently high-quality and efficient manner is challenging but critical to our overall success. Business process management (BPM) is helping our teams to gain control of their back office operations by driving efficiency and flexibility in work-flow dynamics. BPM integrates work-flow and workforce technologies, digital exception processing and dashboard reporting to improve customer service, reduce cycle times and lower costs in the back office. Cross-training is very important to our staffing. Fewer people are needed to handle a wide range of functions which increases flexibility and offsets training costs. The philosophy takes a hit when, for instance, an unexpected production spike throws workers into roles they trained for but haven't done in six months. No matter how skilled the worker, it takes time to regain speed and accuracy when switching roles. Instead of reducing costs, the do-it-all workforce typically increases costs through errors and production delays. With the right systems and strategy in place, organizations can effectively assess and manage their back-office operations to increase productivity, reduce errors, minimize costs and maximize the customer experience.

Trade Operations

  1. Daily pricing and valuations of securities.
  2. Corporate Action Processing.
  3. Coordinate needed documentation for brokers and third parties.
  4. Customized manager report including commission allocation analysis.


Cash Reconciliation
Position Reconciliation
Market Value Reconciliation

Regulatory Compliance

Between statutory regulations, client requirements, and your investment policies, compliance has become increasingly complex. At the same time, we can assist you in monitoring the trades and giving you a timely feedback.

We do a continuous monitoring of compliance with applicable rules and your firm's guidelines. The compliance begins before the trade is executed and continuous until the security is completely liquidated

Investor Reporting

We do the regular reporting to the investors in various phases. Our reporting includes transactions, unit prices, investor statements, performance reporting etc.This reports can be modified as the each client requirements.