Leadership Team

Jaison Jose

Jaison is a member of Idcrex global leadership and a partner in charge of the Mumbai office. Jaison brings unique insight to his work gained from his extensive experience in a number of executive leadership roles within global companies. His role focuses on the formulation of vision, strategy and change management and pays particular attention to the people element. His additional involvement with executive coaching is remarkable and specializes in many aspects of leadership and people development.
Jaison is an astound marketing professional with 14 years of hard core experience in the areas of sales, marketing and advertising. Self belief and enthusiasm has been the two attributes that kept him charged up all the way along, coupled with an eye in analyzing and interpreting opportunities around. Strategic thinker & problem solver with pragmatic approach to business management. Developed & led highly productive and motivated teams to exemplary performance across business categories.
In 2000, Jaison began his career. Initially, Jaison moved to Mumbai, serving in executive roles in a variety of corporations in advertising, finance and insurance. Jaison spend 8 years in Max New York Insurance Company at various levels. Jaison holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Symbiosis Management Institute, Pune.
Email : jaison.jose@idcrex.com

Sonia Jomon

Sonia is a member of Idcrex global leadership and Managing Partner of the global practice. As a partner in Idcrex, Sonia is actively involved with the initiatives of Idcrex to establish a presence in global accounting and bookkeeping market space.
Sonia brings unique insight to her work gained from her extensive experience her various roll as an accountant. As an independent bookkeeper, Sonia has worked directly for various owners and CEOs of Small and medium companies. She has been managing books of small and medium clients from US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. She is an expert in various commonly used accounting applications. Sonia holds a Masters of commerce degree in accountancy from Mahathma Gandhi university, Kerala.
Email : sonia@idcrex.com

Shaji Dominic

Shaji is a member of Idcrex leadership and the partner incharge of the head office. He focuses on the IT infrastructure and local administration. As a partner in Idcrex, Mr. Shaji is actively involved with the initiatives of Idcrex to establish a presence in local accounting, bookkeeping and software market space.
Shaji brings more that 20 years of experience in technology and related services. He is an expert in Idcrex online accounting application. Shaji worked for various companies in the middle east from 1997. He returned to India in 2003 and started practicing electronic tax filing and computer related services.
Email : shaji@idcrex.com

Our Leadership Team guides our plans, prioritizes our initiatives and leads by example. Underpinning their strong leadership is a tremendous depth of talent and knowledge that will enable us to execute on our business plan and continue to increase value for our stakeholders. Collectively, our team offers decades of experience. We strive to recruit the brightest and finest staff to provide the most advanced and efficient services to our clients.