Fund Administration

Idcrex offers a full range of fund accounting and back-office services. We ensure specific client needs are met on timely basis. Our Fund Services offering includes fund accounting and net asset value calculations, investor relations services, anti-money laundering compliance, corporate and legal services, and various other ad-hoc services such as tax reporting and financial statement preparation. We offer both investment managers and investors an extensive suite of reports to provide them with the tools they need to operate efficiently and effectively. We offer a complete outsourced solution which combines fund accounting and back office services for Traditional Funds, Hedge funds Portfolio Managers. Idcrex also offers a complete front-to-back offering for single manager funds. We are also able to offer an outstanding range of private equity fund administration services globally. These services include fund accounting and administration support, investor reporting services, tax and corporate services. We are continually monitoring industry trends to ensure our services address the real needs of our clients and of their investors. We continually focus on our offerings, both from a business perspective and from a technology perspective. Our valuation service adhere to the market practices. All prices are thoroughly scrutinized and all the inconsistencies are manually resolved before uploading to portfolios.

> Daily pricing and valuations of securities.
> Corporate Action Processing.
> Coordinate needed documentation for brokers and third parties.
> Customized manager report including commission allocation analysis.

Performance Reporting
> Internal Rate of Return
> Time Weighted Rate of Return
> Attribution Analysis
> Contribution Analysis
> Segment Analysis

Risk Analysis
> Risk Ratios
> Deviation Analysis
> Post Trade Risk Analysis
> Risk Factor

Fee Calculations
> Management Fees
> Performance Fees
> Fixed Fees
> Hurdle Rate
> High Watermark

Partnership Accounting
> Profit and Loss Allocation
> WTH Allocations
> Partner Reporting
> Contribution Reporting

> Unitisation
> Performance fee equalization
> Gross NAV
> Net NAV

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