As technology advances, software titles become more sophisticated. Aside from choosing the right package, implementing, training, and maintaining these new applications can be a struggle. We will implement the software package in a right way that best fits your business and your end users.

Idcrex recognizes the complexity and risks associated with every packaged software implementation. A poorly executed implementation can diminish or negate the inherent benefits of using packaged software. Idcrex's experienced functional consultants focus on helping clients successfully assess, plan and manage their software implementation to maximize business value and return on investment.

Our software strategy involves assessing the current environment, capturing requirements for the new solution, and identifying software vendors that provide offerings meeting those needs. Many organizations fail to anticipate integration issues, data migration complications, or simply over-estimate the capabilities of a new software package. Idcrex focuses on understanding your business and needs before assessing candidate software packages. This way, our clients avoid pitfalls, and receive a comprehensive assessment of their current state, future requirements, and an independent third party list of software vendor recommendations.

Our Requirement Analysis and Software Selection is the process by which an organization evaluates potential vendors and identifies the software package that best fits their needs. With the multitude of vendors in the marketplace and the potential integration complexities with legacy systems, this process can be overwhelming. Idcrex provides our clients with a consistent and repeatable approach for evaluating potential software packages. With our assistance, our clients are able to make well-informed software selections and mitigate risks that may arise during implementation.

Objectives Study

Business Study

Vendor Selection

Our software implementation is the process of planning, designing, configuring and deploying a packaged software solution within an organization. Whether it is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or an Accounting solution, the investments are significant while the risk of delays or failure can arise from a number of areas. Idcrex ensures that our clients receive a software solution, configured to their requirements and user needs, which delivers the business value they expect from their investment.

Server Configuration

Application Installation

User Acceptance Test

User Training

Regardless of what type of technology you use, data migration can be a complicated process. According to Bloor Research, an independent IT research and analyst firm in Europe, more than half of all data migration projects experience cost overruns or schedule delays. This occurs despite companies spending approximately $5 billion a year on data migration. Data migration is never as easy as the IT experts promise. It turns out they made common mistakes, starting with not planning for enough time to do the data migration in the first place. People rush to move data, which led them to make careless mistakes, such as using the wrong accrual calendar on fixed income securities. This may be easy to rectify, but each mistake may add a couple of days to the migration project.

Our data migration services includes the following;

Transaction Upload

Trial Balance Reconciliation

Receivable and Payable Reconciliation

Master Definitions

Work-flow Definitions